An analysis of manufacturers play

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An analysis of manufacturers play

Such systems encompass devices and software solutions that assist in monitoring, detection, and prevention of threats to the commercial facility.

The increase in air travel and passenger volumes have significantly driven the need for efficient and robust security mechanisms.

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The threat of criminal attacks and terrorism has propelled various governments to tighten their security measures. The capability of such systems to integrate with multiple platforms has widened the scope of the industry.

Furthermore, real-time data intelligence and reduced time on screening procedures have greatly popularized automated screening equipment. Many large-capacity airports have adopted this trend. For instance, the self-service check-in machines installed at the London Heathrow Airport not only improve passenger experience but also expedite the screening process.

The increase in new airport construction activity and infrastructure upgrades continue to offer lucrative opportunities for the industry. In addition, security legislation is being constantly updated and amended in order to address any terrorist or criminal activity. For example, the U.

Therefore, operators worldwide have been compelled to continually update their security procedures as per legislative norms and remain abreast with the latest technology solutions. Reduction in government spending can adversely impact new airport construction and upgrade activity. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the existing equipment deters operators from opting for new technology solutions.

However, technological upgrades and regulatory mandates have propelled adoption of advanced systems. Replacement and upgrading of outdated systems and growing aftersales revenue serve as key opportunities for growth. Technology Insights Access control systems mainly include card readers, keypads, biometric authentication devices and access control for vehicles.

Cyber security solutions aim at preservation of critical data and IT infrastructure. These solutions are expected to post highest growth rate over the forecast period.

Perimeter security broadly includes equipment and analytics for intrusion detection and perimeter supervision including alarms, sensors, electronic fences, gates, bollards, etc. Screening involves monitoring of people, baggage and cargo and the detection of proscribed objects such as weapons, explosives, narcotics, metals or liquids.

An analysis of manufacturers play

Surveillance systems include IP and analog video, ground radar surveillance, and video analytics. Regional Insights The industry has witnessed a major shift in market share among regions. The industry which was primarily dominated by the U. The growing threat of terrorism is a major driver for growth in these regions.

In additions, booming economy and growing passenger volumes also act as an enabler for market growth in the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Over the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in the construction and development of new airports worldwide, particularly in the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Market Share Insights The global airport security market is fragmented in nature with diverse solution providers offering products and solutions for a host of functions ranging from scanning and border control to IT and building management.

Equipment manufacturers are constantly developing and enhancing their offerings to make the devices more sophisticated and capable of integration with other systems. Within each technology segment, there exist a multitude of industry participants vying for market share.

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Credibility and reliability of product offerings are crucial for industry participants. The threat of criminal attacks and terrorism continues to be the key market driver. Training and maintenance could serve as critical selling points for industry participants.General Aviation: • Includes over , general aviation aircraft flying worldwide today, ranging from two-seat training aircraft and utility helicopters to intercontinental.

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It's meant to be read in its entirety. The talk will look at different players in IT security: CISOs, security product vendors, computer manufacturers, cyber insurances - and examine their economic incentive structures, their interplay, and reasons for failure.

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