Cape breton case study

Clair Paint and Wallpaper Corporation, faced a tough decision.

Cape breton case study

In developing the above estimates, Mr.

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Once open, he planned to devote three long days each week to the venture. He saw his role as helping to implement advertising plans, selling the complex to prospective commercial and family users, and working with his manager to ensure smooth operations.

The manager and staff would be responsible for the day-to-day running of Cape Breton Chalets. He hoped the information would help him quantify the volume, seasonality, and type of visitors entering Nova Scotia Exhibit 4and Cape Breton Exhibit 5and assess the potential of the shoulder season hunting and fishing markets Exhibit 6.

He saw the extended holiday vacationer as being essentially a July and August traveller with some potential in June and September. He thought this market would consist of families, couples travelling alone, and non-family parties. He also thought it would include travellers with well planned itineraries as well as those with largely ad hoc itineraries.

The fourth segment of the consumer market was the sports fishing and hunting market. Sports fishers, who vacationed primarily from April to June but also from July to October, considered the rivers of Cape Breton to be among the best in the Province for trout and salmon.

Hunters, who vacationed primarily in October and November, likewise considered the highlands and backwoods of Cape Breton to be excellent, particularly for big game.

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During the summer ofthe students had interviewed visitors to Cape Breton at 18 sites around the island. In the accommodations where they spent the greatest part of their time in Cape Breton, these visitors averaged a five night stay. Although he knew Mr. Inwith little active marketing, this operator had averaged 60 percent occupancy for the 13 weeks mid-June to mid-September.

Cape Breton Chalets could offer any of these visitors a unique, rustic setting for a meeting, conference, or group overnight stay. Knowing that over 1, tour buses entered Cape Breton each year, and having obtained a list of all tour bus operators coming to Nova Scotia, Mr.

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Because he realized the lack of a central dining facility would be viewed as a problem for many tour operators, Mr. He realized, too, that bus tour organizers tended to like packages of activities and wondered how he might satisfy these needs. These included education, health care, social service, community, labour, business and government groups.

As well, throughout the year, many tournaments, cultural events and family activities like weddings drew visitors to the area. The Competitive Environment Mr. Occupancy rate data are presented in Exhibit 7.

An overview of the competitive situation is presented in Exhibits 8 and 9. A scan of the data suggested that most housekeeping cabin complexes were quite small and essentially provided just the cabins. Having travelled Cape Breton extensively, he believed many operators tended to open only for the peak season and obtained most of their business simply because the summertime volume of vacationers was so great.CASE STUDY: CAPE BRETON, NOVA SCOTIA.

Cape breton case study

PHASED-IN MIGRATION YIELDS BIG RESULTS With a vision to implement a more efficient system and to help support stretched meter reading resources, the Utility set in motion a multi-year plan to gradually convert its meter population to mobile AMR technology.

The Water. Cape Breton University (CBU), formerly known as the "University College of Cape Breton" (UCCB), is a Canadian university in Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Regional Municipality. Located near Sydney, CBU is the only post-secondary degree-granting institution on Cape Breton Island.

Case Studies. Study Abroad Blogs. Student Testimonials. Starting leslutinsduphoenix.coms: This case was prepared by Professor Pam Seville of the University College of Cape Breton for the Atlantic Entrepreneurial Institute as a basis for classroom discussion, and is not meant to illustrate either effective or ineffective management.

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Edwise Give Admission Guidance for Admission in Cape Breton University. We provide Visa for Higher Education in Canada. Cape Breton Case Study Words Mar 8th, 11 Pages Executive Summary Cape Breton Boat Rentals is a boat rental company owned by Bruce MacLean and .

Cape breton case study

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Regional Municipality Phased-In Migration to System-Wide R ® Mobile AMR As part of a universal metering plan to reduce consumption and create equitable billing, Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) began a phased migration to Neptune’s R ® mobile AMR across its system.

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