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The on-line museum of North America's independent department stores. The museum holds all sorts of information about classic department stores which either no longer exist, or are changed beyond recognition. A few of them are still with us, and provide an interesting connection to North America's retail past.

Company nordstorm

Return an item Your Message: Do not worry, you will not lose money, I will keep my watch, never again go back to Nordstrom and I will advise all my friends and family to do the same. No one can hide … no one have a place where humans can hide from God? On-line shopping is how most people are shopping these days.

So, with that said, here is my experience. I shop at Nordstrom because of there No return policy, excellent customer service and nice merchandise. Well, unfortunately things have Company nordstorm.

After shopping on line for my daughters wedding and Mother of the Bride Dress, as you would expect, I had several returns. Evidently, a Nordstrom silver tag was not put on the dresses before shipping and I was informed that they could not accept the return.

To top it off, I was dealing with the store manager. I brought back everything in original bags and hangers along with all the paperwork.

As you can imagine, I was furious. I asked her these questions. What have I done wrong? So, does the customer lose Company nordstorm because a mistake happened on your end? I left the store with my merchandise that I was unable to return and decided to go back an hour later.

The store manager said she made a mistake. My return was credited. She could not give me an answer. I cannot afford to shop on-line with Nordstrom and take the chance that proper stickers are not placed on products and then the return will not be accepted.

Alexander May 23, at The email I received instructed me to either print out the gift card or scan it into my phone. However, I do not own a smart phone or a printer. The following day I drove a hour through traffic to get to Nordstrom Rack, spent another hour shopping and about twenty minutes waiting in line.

Then I was told that they would not allow me to use my code. Not even an apology was offered. Then upon leaving the store, I discovered that my keys had fallen out of my pocket in the dressing room, and over a period of twenty minutes someone had stolen them.

Company nordstorm

I asked if I could file some sort of report or give them my phone number in case the keys turned up. But seeing my contact info written on a post-it note rather than a proper form by the man picking up clothes in the dressing room did not inspire confidence.

Alexander Joan-Barbara Kingsley October 27, at I received the order yesterday and the box came opened with one item missing. I called and asked if they could offer me free shipping on my next order to compensate for the comedy of errors encountered to promote good customer relations.

I cannot see ever shopping with Nordstrom Rack online again. They have no regard for customer satisfaction and there are lots of other stress that do.

Hire some competent people who know how to deal with customers. I have been a devoted Nordstroms client for over 20 years and never been treated in this manner. I have reported the incident to the store manager, but felt this needs to go to corporate as well. I went to the shoes department to pick up my shoes and check out when I was rudely greeted by Jaymie.

Not to mention her being so loud to them point other customers stopped to listen. Jaymie did not want to put the time in to find my shoes that were on hold. This was interesting because I assumed this was her job? Needless to say this turned into a bad situation and I am very angry by her actions.

If Jaymie does not like her job, find another one because she is ruining Nordstorms reputation.We're a fashion specialty retailer pinning women's fashion & men's style. See our favorite dresses, handbags, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, home decor & more. | Nordstrom is pinning about Paris, Nautical stripes, Nordstrom, Nordstrom, Amalfi coast, Nordstrom and more.

Nov 20,  · reviews of Bloomingdale's "I found my experiences at both the Soho and midtown Bloomingdale's to be excellent. Great selection, and super attentive staff. In fact, there is such a huge selection, I was overwhelmed. Personal shopper, Kristin. Nordstrom | We're a fashion specialty retailer pinning women's fashion & men's style.

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