Essay about fire

Short essay on a Fire Accident for school students Mili Advertisements: Fire accident occurs mostly due to carelessness.

Essay about fire

Short essay on a Fire Accident for school students Mili Advertisements: Fire accident occurs mostly due to carelessness. It generally happens in Summer Season.

But the fire accident which I saw happened in Winter Season.


It was chilly evening. The farmers had come back from their corn fields. Ours is a small village. That evening the entire village was silent as all were confined to their houses due to cold wind. I rushed out and saw fire at the end of the village. In no time many people ran to the spot.

I also went there. The thatched cowshed of Mr. Ananta Panda was on the fire. All were trying to pour water on the fire. The fire was about to spread to other thatched roofs near the cowshed. The cause of the fire accident was very simple.

Panda who is a farmer is an old man. That evening he was burning some dry hay inside the cowshed. His intention was to supply warmth to the cattle inside the shed. But the flame touched the low roof of the shed. Suddenly, the roof caught fire.

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Panda could not control it. Fortunately, he untied the cattle and drove them out. He himself came out and shouted! His family members also joined the cry.

The fire then spread to Mr. The people who were gathering there began to pull down the thatch. Some people threw water on the burning part of the roof.

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Some others went in to the rooms and brought many household things. A small baby was also saved. The women and children were crying. It was a very cruel and dangerous sight. I could not stand idle.

Essay about fire

I immediately consulted my friends.The epic story or Ramayana had confirmed that fire is really like a god in the film "Fire." One scene which strongly confirmed it was the scene when after confronting her sexuality with her husband, Radha's Sari had caught on fire.

One of the photos shows a round getting launched from the fire base’s artillery pit. Thick grass surrounds it, with a dirt berm several dozen yards away providing some cover from outside attacks. Professional Essay Writing Service at Fire Essay.

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Even from a distance, you can see the scars—thick, deep marks scrawled across his face and scalp. Essay on Impact of The Fire Next Time - Impact of The Fire Next Time James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time is a powerful book.

It fanned the flames of the civil rights movement and stands as a staple of African-American literature. Into The Wild Essay. The Silent Fire ODAP and the death of Christ o pher McCandless I first became awar e of the Chris McCandless story in , when Jon Krakauer’s book Into the Wild was being offered as an example of contemporary narrative nonfiction in a literature course at the university where I worked at that time.

The book had been placed on Reserve in the Library, and I can remember.

Thomas Paine: Common Sense