Farewell speech essay

Summer is the season of leaving. Colleagues retire or depart for other positions, and those leaving as well as those remaining are faced with a tricky issue -- how to handle the farewell. Farewells are on a continuum, ranging from large and expensive blowouts to the nonfarewell event where the person leaves without saying good-bye at all.

Farewell speech essay

Farewell speech essay

The target audience for this speech was the American people, and his aim was to sensitize the Americans on the need to promote good governance, and methods of obtaining long lasting happiness and peace. The dangers that President Washington was talking about arose from issues such as the emergence of internal factions, as well as on how to relate with foreign Farewell speech essay McClellan, This paper asserts that this speech by George Washington is an important historical document that advises Americans on issues of governance and foreign relations.

President Washington warned Americans against the promotion sectionalism Waldman and Stephanopoulos, This is because sectionalism is one of the major factors responsible for causing disunity and suspicion amongst the Americans Waldman and Stephanopoulos, Washington asserts that sectionalism has the capability of destroying the common interest that Americans Farewell speech essay McClellan, It is, therefore, prudent for citizens of United States to stay in unity and resist anyone seeking to promote selfish interests McClellan, George Washington further argued that to discourage sectionalism, each and every citizen of America should regard themselves as Americans Waldman and Stephanopoulos, Ferdon explains that these arguments by Washington are a danger to the freedom of expression, association, and speech.

Ferdon believes that to promote democracy within a state, each and every person should be allowed to express their opinions, even if they are selfish in nature. This is because when the foundation of a state is strong, and there is justice, then anybody seeking to divide the state would not succeed.

In supporting this point, Waldman and Stephanopoulos argue that a country such as the Soviet Union was able to disintegrate because of lack of basic freedoms such as freedom of speech, association, etc. Washington further views political parties as agents of sectionalism, and hence they should be restricted Waldman and Stephanopoulos, This assertion is not correct because political parties are agents of democracy.

The most leading democracies in the world have political parties, and this includes countries such as United Kingdom, France, India, Italy, etc Ferdon, Another important point addressed in this speech is the role of religion and morality in governance. Washington denotes that for a state to prosper politically and economically, there is a need of embracing the concept of religion and morality Waldman and Stephanopoulos, This is because they help in holding the society together.

This assertion by George Washington has some validity in it. For example, a state such as Saudi-Arabia has used religion in holding the country together. Saudi-Arabia is one of the richest and most stable countries in the Middle East and the world.

However, Ferdon disagrees with this assertion.

Retirement speech sample - a teacher's farewell address

Ferdon denotes that in as much as Saudi-Arabia uses religion as a means of holding the society together, the regime of Saudi-Arabia is one of the most brutal in the world Ferdon, This is because they do not promote democracy and anybody that criticizes the government is detained, and charged with treason.

Based on this example of Saudi-Arabia, Ferdon argues that there is a need of promoting different religious beliefs, as opposed to creating one religion within a state.

On issues dealing with foreign relations, George Washing advised that the state should avoid interfering with political activities of another state Waldman and Stephanopoulos, This is an assertion that McClellan refuses.

This is because the failure to intervene politically on issues that might affect the United States, may lead to the downfall of America McClellan, In supporting this assertion Ferdon explains that had the United States ignored the activities of Soviet Union to spread communism, then chances are high that the economy of US could suffer.

This, therefore, required America to promote capitalism, hence the emergence of cold war. This is an assertion that Waldman and Stephanopoulos does not support. Waldman and Stephanopoulos argue that states are sovereign in nature, therefore political influence and intervention would amount to disrespecting the sovereignty of the state under consideration.Here in this post, we are giving you a sample farewell speech which you can use as a reference in writing your own farewell speech for senior leslutinsduphoenix.com are giving a separate farewell speech for juniors, friends, teachers, and principle.

No scandals, no impeachment, no mistresses during Obama's 8 yrs. Like him or hate him he was a good president and it will be very arduous for our next president to live up to Barrack Obama. Oct 20, Humorous farewell leslutinsduphoenix.com farewell speech to boss, sample lyrics on farewell speech, long serving teachers farewell speech.

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Good morning to Encik Ibrahim bin Yunus; respected Principal of Sekolah Menengah Ampang, Puan Rahimah binti Kassim; our celebrated guest of honour, fellow teachers, and my dear friends.5/5(2). Essay: George Washington’s Farewell Speech of June 29, topessays Posted in Society Tagged George Washington George Washington speech was a letter written in by the first president of America.

Obama farewell speech analysis. Geplaatst op 26 november Obama farewell speech analysis. 5 stars based on reviews leslutinsduphoenix.com Essay. Scholarly articles on leadership styles shaklee dream plan chart competition is necessary for growth essay.

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