Garbage disposal review of related literature

References According to the Caribbean Community Secretariat the quantity of waste is closely linked to the level of economic activity in a country. Wealthier economies tend to produce more waste. The lack of land areas and resources available for the safe disposal of wastes, population growth, the growing tourism industry, and the increase in imports of polluting and hazardous substances combine to make pollution prevention and waste management a critical issue in most Caribbean States.

Garbage disposal review of related literature

Improper waste disposal in Santa Margarita, St. Augustine Photo by Nalini Maharaj Introduction Waste disposal can be defined as any method used to discard unwanted substances or materials.

Poor waste disposal activities engender severe environmental problems on a location. Factors such as a rising population, industrial development, growing consumerism and technological advancement have strengthened the waste management problem in Trinidad and Tobago.

For instance, according to the Trinidad and Tobago Solid Waste Management Company Limited SWMCOLthe typical person creates roughly 4 pounds of waste per day which totals almost 1, tonnes of unwanted trash that is transported to landfills.

Also, masses of waste are inappropriately discarded, which consequently pollutes rivers, streets, beaches, drains and all other areas in the environment. Suitable waste management practices are important to treating this issue. Waste management encompasses every function in dealing with waste namely collection from the waste producer, transference to a processing site, and selection of disposal methods Helicon, These processes should have minimum impacts on the environment.

Correct waste management practices are vital to achieving sustainable development objectives. This blog will discuss the major causes of improper waste disposal in Trinidad and provide recommendations to resolve each of them.

Incineration- The burning of waste materials at high temperatures to transform them into gases or residue. Landfill- A cost effective method of waste disposal that involves burying the waste in the land. Recycling- The conversion of waste material into new products.

It aims to reduce strain on the environment by minimizing the waste that is added to the water, air and land. Open Dumping- A simple and inexpensive method which involves the deliberate disposal of garbage in an open space. Ocean Dumping- Occurs when sewage, garbage, construction debris, hazardous chemicals etc.

Incineration of trash at sea is also included in this definition. The most popular and practiced method in Trinidad and Tobago is the landfill systems. Unfortunately, this method has a time span attached to it because this site is expected to reach its maximum capacity within the next few years.

Garbage disposal review of related literature

Additionally, landfills require proper maintenance, planning, design and operation. They are also responsible for emitting toxic gases such as methane which are hazardous to residents in the neighbouring area.

Public outcry has been made over the years concerning the nuisance of the landfill, reduction of property value and of course the environment SWMCOL, Open dumping is another method that is often done by regular folks.

It incurs complications to society such as health hazards to people via the proliferation of insects and rodents, potential physical injury and contamination of groundwater and runoff pollution.

Additionally, incineration is a widely used method by the average person. This can be problematic on a small scale because it requires skilled personnel and continuous observation to ensure that a wildfire does not ensue. This also causes the emission of ash and gases into the atmosphere which can cause respiratory problems; it is aesthetically unattractive for an area and produces an odious smell that residents would be subjected to.

Ocean dumping is also problematic.

Waste Resources Management

This is harmful to the ecosystem because it makes the ocean overloaded with waste thus killing sea creatures, causing desalination and destroying food sources for marine life and subsequently mankind. Materials Home storage of solid waste is a common practice among households in Trinidad.

Many households store their own waste in open containers ranging from baskets to plastic bags, making home storage unhygienic. Many of the household waste we observed in our communities from both rural and urban communitiesis solid waste generated from organic matter, which under prevailing tropical temperature, decomposes rapidly and produces bad odours.Waste management is collection, transportation, and disposal of garbage, sewage and other waste products.

Waste management is the process of treating solid wastes and offers variety of solutions for recycling items that don't belong to trash. Related all; noun; phrase Since disposing of your food waste through a garbage disposal is environmentally friendly, All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only.

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Garbage. [Karen O'Connor] -- Examines the dumping of garbage in oceans, on land, in the air, and in space and suggests possible solutions to this problem of waste pollution. The following literature review has been originally conducted as part of the Waste plastic extruder for Mech It now supports the Recyclebot project.

Please add content. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE. The literature on environmental issues are immense, but dispersed air pollution, solid waste disposal, noise pollution and land hazardous wastes and city life produce a lot of garbage (Down to Earth Report, ).

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