Home maintenance business presentation

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Home maintenance business presentation

This is a very interesting presentation on TPM, one of the alternatives that manufacturers will have to consider as we face the globalization that requires our best strategies to succeed. For decades, industrial and other organizations concentrated most of their attention upon product production, generally ignoring the maintenance function, viewing it as a necessary evil.

During the recent years there has been a gradual attitude change in how general corporate managers view the maintenance function. One of the most important factors forcing this change was that maintenance departments became major cost centers within those organizations.

By implementing certain of the advanced management practices outlined here savings can be very significant. By integrating the listed programs the Maintenance Department, will produce dividends in the immediate, as well as for the long term value enhancement.

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Industrial Maintenance Managers who integrate all of the listed programs will experience profound affects, gain increased control over the performance of their organizations, and thus achieve real successes.

How much success will be dependent upon how well each specific function and each specific activity are integrated into the plant maintenance and production work routine.

Philosophical and Theoretical Shifts. To achieve Best Practices, within the maintenance and production organizations, there must be both a technological and an organizational philosophical shift in the way that departments conduct their daily business.

The organization will slip back to its old ways, failing to achieve these Best Practices in Maintenance. Most people fear changes therefore are resistant to it. It is important that everyone realize the importance of making the necessary changes. Only those willing to make the changes necessary can expect to achieve real success.

As the maintenance and production organizations make the decision to become a World Class Organization, they must be willing to develop within themselves a highly disciplined and committed plan of action.

Once the plan of action is developed, it must be reviewed and agreed upon by top management. All plant operation and support personnel need to be informed of the plan and its affect upon each individual in a timely fashion. They need to participate in the re-engineering processes so they can gain ownership.

Personnel who understand and agree with a process are more willing to cooperate with it, and will be less likely to create difficulties later on.

Teamwork throughout the organization realignment process is critical to achieve success.

A specific training program must be developed covering all aspects of the proposed changes being made. Training sessions and progress meetings will be necessary to introduce the new ideas. Basic methods must be presented so that personnel will understand them.

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Training sessions should be limited to one hour each day and cover all aspects of the new plan. Workshops can be used to focus on the current and day-to-day problems as they arise.

Use practical training methods to assist in the development of solutions as problems arise. Training must be ongoing until the newly established standards are fully established, so that they can be maintained.

People need this type of training so they can learn how to constructively analyze information. Using a single common approach methodology, everyone involved will bring a common approach or perspective to how they will access performance problems and develop recommendations.

Anytime problems arise and the indicators' trend in a negative direction, the company as a whole can pull together quickly using the multilevel, cross-functional team that is equipped to analyze the opportunity.

Once trained in problem-solving methodology, groups may need the support of a qualified facilitator. An individual within the organization generally a Personnel Trainer needs to be assigned to receive specialized training to meet those needs.

Having a facilitator present is beneficial while the groups are small and new to the process. As time passes, they will naturally be able to work more and more without the aid of the facilitator.

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The facilitator should be able to provide support in the development of positive group dynamics by honing those skills they learn. Groups as they are established need to be and should be made up of personnel from the various departments within the company.According to Home Depot, impulse shopping accounts for more than 60 percent of purchases.

Credit for these unplanned buys goes to attractive product presentations. If urgent, during normal business hours call John Crocker.

home maintenance business presentation

After hours and weekends, contact the AOD. We're home to an extensive choice of Maintenance Website Templates for you to choose from. Each one is designed for ease of use, with the ability to be fully customized to your maintenance business' needs and your creative style. Home maintenance schedule and task list.

This home maintenance schedule template details quarterly, seasonal tasks to keep your house in good working order. Use it as a to do list for your periodic household chores. This is an accessible template.

home maintenance business presentation

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Maintenance Proactive maintenance Reactive maintenance We carry out maintenance for our clients to a high standard to prevent any failures or malfunctions that could occur in the area being rented, this includes finding and identifying problems that could lead to bigger issues which is called failure finding.

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