How to write an abstract for a poster session

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How to write an abstract for a poster session

They are arranged in the order they appear on the program. From both theoretical and practical perspectives the concept is cluttered and broken. We propose a fix that is both simple and useful.

An instrument is valid if it transmits variation in the intended attribute to the measurement outcome. Intention must be represented independent of the instrument itself. We illustrate our perspective using the attributes human temperature and reading ability.

Is Psychological Measurement Possible? Measurement has long been an important element of epistemology in the physical sciences and natural philosophy. More recently, the psychological sciences have developed a variety of techniques that purport to be instances of measurement as well.

However, it is not clear how the understanding of measurement invoked in psychological science applications accords with the understanding of measurement found in other scientific disciplines. Recently, some scholars have suggested that, by the criteria accepted in other disciplines, there may not yet have been any instances of successful measurement in the psychological sciences.

Psychological scientists often react dismissively to such claims, and while we agree that philosophical debates are not a cause for despairing of activities that are successful by many important criteria, we also find that a sharper focus on conceptual clarity and coherence across the psychological and physical sciences has the potential to add a great deal to our efforts to improve such practices.

In this paper, we argue that it is possible to formulate a philosophically coherent account of how measurement works in both the physical and the human sciences, and that such considerations also have practical value for psychometric practice.

What is a Valid Writing Assessment? Nadia Behizadeh, George Engelhard, Jr. The purpose of this study is to examine the concept of validity within two distinct communities of practice: The proposed analyses extend work by Engelhard and Behizadeh exploring definitions of validity in educational measurement to a detailed consideration of definitions of validity within research on writing across different communities.

Two research questions will be used to guide our research: What does the measurement community mean when they say a writing assessment is valid?

What does the writing community mean when they say a writing assessment is valid? Automated essay scoring Bennett, ; Deane, ; Haberman and Sinharay, and portfolio assessments Hamp-Lyons and Condon, provide case studies for illustrating how validity issues are conceptualized within and between the writing and measurement communities.

The creation of a third space between two different scholarly communities, writing and measurement researchers, promises to enhance the conceptualization of validity in writing assessment and the identification of areas of consensus and disagreement regarding definitions of validity.

Michael Kane In developing and using assessments, two kinds of theories are needed.

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Measurement theories include psychometric models and theories of measurement; these theories describe how the assessment is expected to perform. Substantive theories include substantive theories describing various kinds of phenomena and general assumptions about how the world works.

For an assessment to work well, the requirements of both kinds of theory have to be satisfied, and the two sets of theories have to fit each other, so that the assessment scores can be used to achieve intended outcomes. Joshua McGrane, Andrew Maul. In the philosophical literature, this conflation of representations of reality with reality itself is more broadly termed the representational fallacy Dyke, We argue that this fallacy is pervasive in the literature on measurement in the social sciences c.

Just as to the man with only a hammer, everything looks like a nail, an instrumentalist devotion to the Rasch model leads down the path of fallacy, if not plain fantasy. Brent Duckor As learning about validity progresses it becomes more complex.

how to write an abstract for a poster session

Developmentally, expertise in the concept of validity is acquired with experience. That experience is further conditioned by the growth of more complex frameworks for understanding the concept. Complexity of thinking about validity-as-meaning-making is described by the breadth of intellectual tools and resources employed to uncover those meanings which necessarily draw upon multiple disciplinary perspectives.

The argument outlined in the talk emphasizes through a visual mapping how at first we pick up only one or few aspects of the validation task unistructuralthen several aspects which are likely related multi structural.

Then we learn how to integrate these "parts" into a whole relational or "unitary" concept of validity. Day 2, April 1, Tuesday Afternoon: New Approaches and Disciplines Session 2-A: Metrology and Outcomes Salon A. The quality assurance of measurement involving people when products and services, such as person-centred health care, are evaluated perceptively, with concepts such as reliability and validation, is at least as important as that established in 'hard' physical measurement.

But metrology in the perceptive context, typically with ordinal data, is relatively underdeveloped, despite increasing demand for measurements of this kind for decision making in conformity assessment for well-being, safety, trade, economy and so on.

how to write an abstract for a poster session

Linear Logistic Test Model Elegance. Considered a Rasch model extension, the LLTM multiplies a matrix of processing component weights to item measures for explication of cognitive operations.Over a 6-week summer school session participants will be engaged in two 3-credit courses for a total of 6 credits that can transfer back to participants' undergraduate institutions.

Authors must disclose on their poster whether the abstract has been previously published (prior to October ). Poster Session I (Wednesday Authors Present) pm (odd poster board numbers; Do not write or paint directly on the poster boards.

Abstract. This paper shows how inclusive and participative research is developed into two case studies of students facing educational transitions. 3 days ago · Writing a conclusion is an important part of any piece of writing, so for the next class the students write an essay overview to summarise the topic.

Example of the class conceptual map for climate change and global warming. Writing an Abstract | Preparing an Oral Presentation | Preparing a Traditional Poster What is an Abstract?

An abstract is a short written summary of work which an individual would like to share with others at a professional gathering. It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the ACM Computer Supported Cooperative Work -- CSCW' This year's conference continues its tradition of being the premier forum for research on online collaboration, social computing, and social media studies.

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