Ks2 writing a theatre review

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Ks2 writing a theatre review

Monday, September 24, Sample: Theatre Review There are some things that money just can't buy. Love, honest success, real adoration, and competency are but a few examples that come to mind. There's the rub, and there's the irony - a production about the wonders of being rich can't buy its own success.

If anything, the production is a reminder of everything a musical should not be or have: The beginning is deceptively promising: The set pieces -- of which there are many -- whirl and twirl, often appearing for just one scene, never to be seen again.

Other elements, like the cardboard frying pans that appear during a brief foray into the kitchen, are like supermodels: What's worse than the flat set pieces are the actors and musical notes of the same calibre.

The musical numbers get progressively worse as the show goes on, and everything after the opening becomes more and more of a disappointment as the actors wallow in a rut of mediocrity.

Camilla Scott yes, that Camilla struts and frets upon the stage like a dying fish trapped in a net.

ks2 writing a theatre review

It's unclear as to why she was cast as the purportedly young female lead, Tracy Lord, and equally unclear if she had just drank too much at the last cast party, or if, even after all this time, she still hasn't learned her blocking or grasped her character.

The same rings true for the supposed affection between he and Tracey. Melissa Peters is the only cast member who makes the show truly enjoyable, though only when she is onstage.

Dinah is vivacious, sassy, and not afraid to tromp about in silly costumes; yet, she has more sense than any of the adults, and the audience loves her for it. Her duet with Dexter Dan Chameroy is certainly one of the better numbers: If the cast had all been as sharp as Dinah, the show would have been quirky and entertaining instead of dry and tedious.

But Robinson fails both the actors and the audience by failing to adhere to a strong directorial vision from the beginning of the production onward. High hopes dashed, Phillip Barry is certainly rolling in his grave.

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Examples: Learn from the efforts of others

The Railway Children is a must-see performance. Playing at Waterloo station and featuring a vintage steam train, the production was put together by York Theatre Royal productions.

ks2 writing a theatre review

The Railway Children is about three young children: Roberta, Peter and Phyllis. They move to Yorkshire when their father is sent away because he is (wrongly) found guilty [ ]. The Rule of Three is one of the oldest writing techniques--it turns up in old stories over and over again.

The Rule of Three states that events should happen in groups of three. These events should follow this pattern: establish conflict, build conflict, resolve conflict. Or they can follow this pattern: similar, similar, different. Consider.

Writing a theater review begins long before the first word is typed on the screen. Research the show and the production you are reviewing.

Read the press releases from the theater company and any previews to learn whether the production is attempting to achieve something specific. A key stage 3 revision and recap activity for english, covering writing, how to analyse, review and comment.

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