Land pollution with pictures and information

How does it affect the environment? This HelpSaveNature article gives you some facts and statistics. Feb 3, The process of contamination of the land surface of our planet is referred to as land pollution.

Land pollution with pictures and information

This amounts to over million tons of waste per year and makes the US one of the top contributors to worldwide landfill waste. Inthe United States produced more than million tons of municipal solid waste. Most of the waste came from residential homes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency EPAelectronics waste is rapidly increasing and seriously contributing to land pollution.


Inmore than 1. Due to land pollution, the Earth loses approximately 25 billion tons of valuable topsoil each year. It takes at least years for 2. Much land pollution is caused by agricultural activities, like grazing, pesticide spraying, fertilizing, irrigation, confined animal facilities and plowing.

Excessive irrigation impacts water and soil quality by concentrating pesticides and harmful bacteria in the top layers of soil. Up to 80 percent of land pollution is caused by energy production, food production and transportation.

Inmore than 20, beaches were closed as a result of land pollution. Only one-third of municipal solid waste is recycled in the United States each year.

More than one million bushels of garbage are thrown out of car windows by Americans each year.

Land pollution with pictures and information

On average, Americans throw outtons of edible food each day. Just one American produces nearly 3, pounds of hazardous waste every year. More than 80 percent of the items in landfills are fit for recycling. Land pollution can cause skin problems, birth defects, respiratory issues and a number of other diseases.

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A study published by Cornell University maintains that about 40 percent of deaths in the world are caused by pollution. Drinking water is significantly affected by land pollution. Each year, Americans add 1.Greek word meteoron, which means "phenomenon in the sky."The vast majority of meteoroids are fragments of asteroids, which are small, irregularly shaped rocky bodies that orbit the Sun.

Asteroids are planetesimals (pronounced plan-ne-TESS-i-mals) or minor planets. Disclaimer Yes!

Land pollution with pictures and information

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This book has a lot of good information about the pollution in New Mexico, ranging from the WIPP near Carlsbad to Kirtland Air Force Base's jet fuel leak to Albuquerque's polluted water table. Parks and Recreation. For the outdoor enthusiast, Stafford and North central Connecticut offers many activities.

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The Town has several tennis courts, ball fields, soccer fields, and several quiet, relaxing More. Land pollution is the contamination of the Earth's surface, a serious and pressing problem. Here we look at some land pollution facts too scary to ignore. One of the more sobering of land pollution facts is the amount of waste that's generated each year.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans created over million tons of municipal solid waste in Of that amount, just over one-third of it was recycled or.

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