Matsu the samurai

He is sent to Tarumi, a small beach-side village in Japan, to recuperate from tuberculosis. There, he meets and develops friendships with three adults, Matsu, Kenzo, and Sachi, and a young girl, Keiko, who is his own age. Keiko becomes his first love, but it can't be because she is Japanese and he is Chinese.

Matsu the samurai

The mon of the Matsu was crafted with their passion for war in mind. It showed a sword carried in a lion 's paw, raised to the heavens in defiance of any who would challenge them.

The Lady Matsu began this tradition upon her Matsu the samurai day, when she married the fourth follower of Akodo. It was said that Akodo came to her and asked why she chose this man over him, and she replied "For if I marry you, I will be the wife of Akodo.

If I marry him, then he shall be the husband of Matsu". The fifth house of the Lion, who were recorded only briefly in only the earliest Ikoma family texts, were completely absorbed into the Matsu.

The Matsu were the epitome of every other Clan's view of the Lion, good and bad. As had been shown time and again, even the best laid plans often fell like rice paper to a katana when faced with the furious charge of the Matsu.

In addition to this fire within, the Matsu lived for the purity of honor. The Matsu believd that the purity of a samurai 's soul was often as potent a weapon as his blade. Often, with the Matsu's ancestors guiding his blade, a samurai's purity of soul became more important, for even the dullest blade would cut deeper than the sharpest blade that had been turned aside.

The Matsu ancestors would guide the killing blow and guarded the samurai from harm if he was filled with a pure, noble soul. The Matsu gempukku was the time when a samurai must prove his worth to the family and clan, rather than a time to be acknowledged for his previous accomplishments.

Like other traditions of the Matsu, their gempukku ceremony was harsh, rigid, and unforgiving, but it was also a great honor, for those who survived could count themselves among the greatest warriors the Empire had to offer.

Matsu the samurai

The gempukku was a series of tests, each designed to showcase and test a particular part of the samurai's character. The initial tests were intellectual or martial in focus, and were said to be the easiest to pass.

Matsu the samurai

They often involved reciting passages of Akodo 's Leadership from memory and demonstrating a working knowledge of at least twenty weapons.

Other tests might include the quartering of pomegranates before they hit the ground or some other means of testing the samurai's skill with a katana.

To test the samurai's endurance, he was struck repeatedly -- up to times -- with a bamboo rod. Although these blows would cause no permanent damage, they were incredibly painful and drained the reciever's stamina.

The Matsu was expected to remain concious and upright throughout every blow. Failure resulted in dishonor and seppuku. The next test involved the samurai's wisdom, patience, and his ability to set aside his own earthly desires for the good of the Lion Clan. He was placed in a room surrounded by plates of steaming food, wherein he must fast for three days.

At the end of these three days, he was given a bowl of gruel, which he must completely consume and lick clean, all the while surrounded by delicious meals. In doing so he showed he would never take from the Lion more than he was due. The final test was often regarded as the most harsh.

A white-hot poker shaped in the Matsu crest was pressed into the samurai's skin, forever branding them a Matsu.

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Although the process only lasted a few seconds, the pain lingered on, and expressing any discomfort would result in the samurai being forced to commit seppuku.Matsu is a samurai of the soul, a man devoted to doing good and finding beauty in a cruel and arbitrary world, and Stephen is a noble student, learning to appreciate Matsu's generous and nurturing way of life and to love Matsu's soulmate, gentle Sachi, a woman afflicted with leprosy/5().

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Since. The main Samurai Warriors series frequently mentions her in Nene and Toshiie's conversations. She is good friends with the former and a chiding if loving wife for the latter. She is good friends with the former and a chiding if loving wife for the Type: Lady samurai.

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The samurai is a very esteemed rank in Japanese culture, and this symbolizes the honor that Matsu has, even if he is not technically a samurai.

Matsu embodies the best characteristics of a samurai- he is strong, silent, and loyal. Matsu and Stephen are perfect examples, in it that Matsu is the samurai who must watch over his wealthier master which happens to be Stephen, who indeed is wealthy.

Although Matsu is only a servant, Stephen shows great respect for him.

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