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Mr Parker believed that if he "made a better pen, people would buy it.

Parker pen

The concept of using a ball point within a writing instrument as a method of applying ink to paper has existed since the late 19th century.

In these inventions, the ink was placed in a thin tube whose end was blocked by a tiny ball, held so that it could not slip into the tube or fall out of the pen. The first patent for a ballpoint pen [6] [7] was issued on 30 October to John J. Loud[8] who was attempting to make a writing Parker pen that would be able to write "on rough surfaces-such as wood, coarse wrapping-paper, and other articles" [9] which then-common fountain pens could not.

Although it could be used to mark rough surfaces such as leather, as Loud intended, it proved to be too coarse for letter-writing.

With no commercial viability, its potential went unexploited [1] and the patent eventually lapsed.

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If the socket was too loose, or the ink too thin, the pen would leak or the ink would smear. He decided to create a pen using the same type of ink. Ballpoint pens were found to be more versatile than fountain pens, especially at high altitudes, where fountain pens were prone to ink-leakage.

In post-war Argentina, success of the Birome ballpoint was limited, but in mid, the Eversharp Co. Reynolds bypassed the Birome patent with sufficient design alterations to obtain an American patent, beating Eversharp and other competitors to introduce the pen to the U.

In Britain, the Miles Martin pen company was producing the first commercially successful ballpoint pens there by the end of Ballpoint pen sales peaked inand consumer interest subsequently plunged due to market-saturation.

The dyes are suspended in a solvent of "oil".

Parker pen

The most common of the oils are benzyl alcohol or phenoxyethanolwhich mix with the dyes to create a smooth paste that dries quickly. The dyes used in blue and black ballpoint pens are basic dyes based on triarylmethane and acid dyes derived from diazo compounds or phthalocyanine.

Common dyes in blue and black ink are Prussian blueVictoria blue, methyl violetcrystal violet and phthalocyanine blue.

Parker pen

The dye eosin is commonly used for red ink. The inks are resistant to water after drying but can be defaced by certain solvents. Types of ballpoint pens[ edit ] Bic Cristal ballpoint pens shown in four basic ink colours. Twist action ballpoint pen with large capacity G2 type refill. Various commonly used ballpoint refill types.

Ballpoint pens are produced in both disposable and refillable models. Refills allow for the entire internal ink reservoir, including a ballpoint and socket, to be replaced. Such characteristics are usually associated with designer-type pens or those constructed of finer materials. The simplest types of ballpoint pens are disposable and have a cap to cover the tip when the pen is not in use, or a mechanism for retracting the tip, [3] which varies between manufacturers but is usually a spring- or screw-mechanism.

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Rollerball pens employ the same ballpoint mechanics, but with the use of water-based inks instead of oil-based inks. Compared to oil-based ballpoints, rollerball pens are said to provide more fluid ink-flow, but the water-based inks will blot if held stationary against the writing surface.Welcome to the Official Parker website.

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