Pitbull research

Geography[ edit ] Historically, the Coeur d' Alene lived in what would become the Panhandle region of Idaho and neighboring areas of what is today eastern Washington and western Montana, occupying an area of more than 3. The territory extended from the southern end of Lake Pend Oreille in the north, running along the Bitterroot Range of Montana in the east, to the Palouse and North Fork of the Clearwater River in the south, to Steptoe Butte and up to just east of Spokane Falls in the west. At the center of this region was Lake Coeur d'Alene. The abundant natural resources included troutsalmonand whitefish.

Pitbull research

If you are looking for the biggest blue pitbulls in the world, well you found the source.

Pitbull research

Big Gemini Kennels aka BGK is so much different than any other pitbull kennel or website you will ever go to because almost every dog that our pitbull kennel produces carries the infamous blood of the largest blue pitbulls in the world.

We have produced dogs that are world famous and reknown for their incredible size, looks, temperament, and production power.

We are Pitbull research licensed breeding facility in Southern California and currently have an A rating from animal control as of our last facility inspection.

The temperament and training of our dogs is a major focal point as well. We work very closely with two of the most talented dog trainers in Southern California for our clients who request it. We have many satisfied clients all over the globe who are very happy with the huge blue pitbulls that they have purchased from our pit bull kennel.

We are the go to pit bull kennel for big, healthy, blue pitbulls even for other pitbull breeders and kennels. Many of the XL pitbulls being produced by Big Gemini Kennels are the foundation dogs for other successful pitbull kennels.

BGK blood is known to carry specific character traits, including size, look, and temperament generation after generation.

Pitbull research

This is one of the main reasons that other successful pit-bull breeders come to our kennel to get their foundation stock.

We have started BGK with one goal in mind, we wanted to build a top quality kennel that consistently produced the largest, best looking, and healthy XL pitbulls in the world. Through hard work and dedication we are proud to say that we have accomplished that goal.

Over the last ten years we have proven to be the most consistent source for the largest top quality blue XL Bully pitbulls on the planet. The true temperament of pitbulls is loving, affectionate, fearless, and extremely protective with their family.

At Big Gemini Kennels, we have acres for our puppies and dogs to enjoy the best of life. Our dogs enjoy swimming in the pool and laying in the waterfall.

They look like Blue lions in their natural habitat, lol.

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We love spoiling our dogs. Our staff interacts and plays with our dogs and puppies on a daily basis to make sure they are receiving top quality care, and special attention from the moment they are born.

Although our dogs are huge, they are more like furry family members to us than pets or breeding stock. We are very proud of the incredibly stable temperaments all of our dogs tend to have.

Please check out our Kids and Pits page to see what I am talking about. If you are looking for the perfect family pet, a fierce protector, and an awesome best friend, then our dogs are for you.

If you are looking for the largest best looking XL blue pitbulls to breed with a purple ribbon pedigree from the UKC, then our dogs are for you. Our dogs interact with children from the moment they open their eyes until they arrive in their new homes.

There is no question that despite their incredible size, our big beastly pitbulls are gentle giants with children. Socialization is a very important part of our breeding program.

Our staff always makes it a priority to always treat our clients in a respectful, professional manner to let them know we appreciate them choosing their newest family member from our breeding facility. We have worked very hard over the last decade establishing ourselves as the top kennel when it comes to the largest best looking blue pitbull puppies for sale.

Every big blue pitbull puppy from our kennel is pampered and treated with love. Every puppy comes with a contract that guarantees its pedigree, documents the designated pick from the litter, provides UKC Registration paperwork, and most importantly ensures the overall health of the pup.

If there are ever any issues our staff will be on top of it immediately; we always honor and stand by our contract. Our breeding facility is located in sunny Los Angeles, California. Our kennel has produced and sold dogs to many professional athletes, musicians, wealthy families, regular families and personal clients as well.

I produced BGKs Tank and also produced his parents, wonderful dogs.

We are very proud of his accomplishments. A BGK dog in the movies!! We have produced champions in the show ring and dogs which have been featured in major motion pictures. We have also sold many of our pitbulls to almost every state in the USA.

We appreciate and thank every single visitor to our website.Pit Bulls Research Paper - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. My research paper.5/5(1). Thanks for reading today’s review of The Pitbull Trader.

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Pit Bulls Are Not Bullies By Daylina Miller. Tampa, Fla. (April 9, ) - When Monique Baiss’ fiancé brought home a pit bull a year ago, she was scared to death. She had heard reports in the news about the dogs attacking people and did not want to risk one in her own home.

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Through her research, which was directed by Ambar Basu. Position Statement on Pit Bulls. Today’s pit bull is a descendant of the original English bull-baiting dog—a dog that was bred to bite and hold bulls, bears and other large animals around the face and head.


Research on pet dogs confirms that dog aggressive dogs are no more likely to direct aggression toward people than dogs that. The Coeur d'Alene / k ɜːr d ə ˈ l eɪ n / (Schitsu'umsh or Skitswish in their Coeur d'Alene language, meaning "The Discovered People" or "Those Who Are Found Here") are a Native American nation and one of five federally recognized tribes in the state of Idaho..

The Coeur d'Alene have sovereign control of their Coeur d'Alene Reservation, which includes a significant portion of Lake Coeur d. Overview. The following is basic breed information for anyone who is interested in acquiring a Pit Bull.

And for those who already have one or more and would like to learn more about the breed, or simply for anyone who would like to understand these great leslutinsduphoenix.com on.

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