Poe dameron helmet writing a letter

They held story conferences and, by late NovemberLucas had produced a handwritten treatment.

Poe dameron helmet writing a letter

Turns out in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions that that's exactly what happened. Around the time chapter was released, a theory popped up on Wild Mass Guessing that the Asuna that was with Negi and co.

It was based mostly on the fact that a we never physically saw Asuna joining up with everybody after the battle and b she was acting more out-of-it than normal. Then came chapter There are probably a number of fans who are happy that Mundus Magicus is, in fact, on Mars.

Quite a while back, a theory popped up on WMG that Zazie was a demon. The speculated true relationship between Luffy and Ace was proven right, but then Oda threw a curveball that almost no one saw coming. There was some Wild Mass Guessing that Ace would die during the war at Marineford and seriously traumatize Luffy in the process.

Other people speculated that Whitebeard would die and effectively end the old Age of Pirates to begin the new. No one could have guessed that both would happen! The idea that Mantra and Haki are the same? As of Chapterthe theory that the letter that Buggy got pre- Time Skip from the World Government was an invitation for him to become one of the Shichibukai seems to be confirmed.

There was a lot of speculation about Luffy's grandfather after Aokiji mentioned him in passing at the end of the Davy Back arc. An early version of One Piece's first poe dameron helmet writing a letter had actually featured Luffy's grandfather, and long before anything further was revealed, someone noticed that the Marine Vice Admiral who'd so far only appeared in Coby and Helmeppo's cover page story seemed to have a similar design.

Chapter indicates that the most prevalent theory in the entire fandom after Luffy and Ace's real relationship is true: Sabo is alive and a member of the Revolutionary Army. Well, I say "indicates", but subsequent chapters make it so obviously true only the most skeptical fans would doubt it, and even they are silenced when it's outright confirmed in Chapter Chapter confirms that the Thunder Soldier is none other than the legendary gladiator Kyros.

This was officially revealed during the beginning of Marchbut some people already guessed it as early as September Chapter previewed Gear Fourth, and in the two weeks between that announcement and The Reveal in the next chapter, many predictions were made.

Many people predicted that it would have something to do with muscle and Busoshoku hardening, many others predicted it would be some combination of Gear Second and Gear Third, many others believed it would have to do with compression, and many others believed it would be Nightmare Luffy 2.

But when Chapter came out, it turns out that it wasn't any of those.

poe dameron helmet writing a letter

It was all of them combined. Towards the end of the Thriller Bark saga, Lola gave a vivre card to Nami, which would direct the Straw Hats to Lola's mother, said to be a powerful pirate in the New World.

A common fan theory was that her mother was Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors. Chapter eventually confirmed this to be true. One that overlaps with Hilarious in Hindsight: Both jobs ended up being filled by actual canon characters; Brook became the ship musician and while Jimbei hasn't officially joined yet, he's shown incredible skill helming ships and him joining the Straw Hats is largely seen as a Foregone Conclusion.

Following the literal bomb-dropping in Code Geassmany fans declared Nunnally and Sayoko dead and the official website seemed to support them. Rolo was specifically ordered to find Nunnally, but Sayoko freed Kallen from her cell, got her to the hangar to reclaim the Guren, and still managed to get to Nunnally before him; either Rolo moved at a snail's pace or he simply followed the wrong plane without verifying that she was in it.

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One month later, a battered Sayoko appears to Jeremiah and explains exactly how it happened. In the second season of Darker Than Blacksome fans suggested that Mao was still alive despite having lost his consciousness at the end of the first series and having April kill his cat body in the first episode on the logic that his voice actor was credited in the first episode.

Sure enough, he now inhabits Suo's pet squirrel and his consciousness has returned in that body. After episode 13 of Heartcatch Pretty Curewhich revealed certain facts about Tsukikage Yuri's backstory, a handful of fans posited that her Disappeared Dad was, in fact Professor Sabaaku.

Thirty-four episodes later, Sabaaku's Cool Mask falls off, revealing Thus far, Rhythm and Melody haven't received said instruments, and are still stuck with the belltiers they've been using since the beginning.Anakin Skywalker, better known later in his life (including in the context of his earliest appearances) as Darth Vader, is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise.

He is the overarching central character of the original film series, appearing in the original trilogy as a main and pivotal antagonist serving the Galactic Empire, and in the prequel trilogy as .

Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, marketed as Star Wars: The Last Jedi, is a film written and directed by Rian Johnson and produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Ram Bergman, along with executive producer J.J. Abrams. It is the second film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

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The film sees the. My Surnames. COGNOMI ITALIANI "L": © It's well known that wild fans' theories are prone to being Jossed..

Sometimes, however, the opposite happens: after much speculation, a fan's theory is finally confirmed in canon, proving that the trees were, in fact, epileptic all along.

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In the Outer Rim Territories, Aurebesh was sometimes used alongside Outer Rim Basic, another alphabet. During the Clone Wars, the back of the clone trooper Ponds' helmet had the phrase.

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