Protect mother earth essay

As far as we know, Earth is the only planet that has life. But since humans developed cities and industries, the modern lifestyle has changed. Man has been using and misusing natural resources up to the limit. Now we are tearing up remote corners of the planet looking for crude oil and coal, and our forests and wild animals are disappearing.

Protect mother earth essay

Endangered Species Our planet Earth is in the middle of an extinction crisis for various species of plants and animals, which has occurred since the extinction of dinosaurs over sixty thousand years ago. Extinction of species was previously thought to be caused by natural events, such as asteroid strikes, climate shifts and volcanic eruptions.

Today the greatest risk to species extinction are human activities. Terrestrial animals have support for living out of water and for transport on land.

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Abiotic characteristic Aquatic environment Terrestrial environment Temperature is related to latitude and altitude Less variation.

Smaller bodies of water warm There are therefore three ways in which glaciers transport debris. The first is called supraglacial and is where material, often from rock falls and weathering processes, is carried on top of the glacier.

Secondly there is englacial. The Highest and Lowest points of the Lithosphere are both found at the Earths plate boundaries, with reference to the process of plate tectonics, explain why this is so.

Protect mother earth essay

The process of plate tectonics, also known as Orogenesis, has shaped Planet Earth to what it is today. The four different spheres; Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, and Biosphere, have worked together to create a beautiful a giganticIn the day to day life we have to take care of small things and can contribute to save other mother earth.

Protect mother earth essay

Protect our Mother Earth Essay Our earth is the only planet in the universe which has an environment suitable for life or existence. Air, water and fire is needed for survival. Top 10 ways to save the Earth April 22, - 6 minutes read.

International Mother Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd April of every year since but this year let’s make a solemn promise to our Mother Earth that we will do each and everything we can, in order to preserve her beauty because after all it’s a love revolution.

Mother Nature, or the natural environment on Earth, can be saved with recycling, water conservation, alternative energy sources, waste reduction, pollution cleanup and the preservation of plant and animal life. Spreading awareness in every society throughout the world can help citizens learn more.

We live on planet earth.

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We get everything for our life from mother earth. We should save our planet earth to ensure that our future generations get a safe environment. Dec 11,  · Without the Earth we have no where to live, along with many other organisms. If we don't save the Earth now maybe our children or grandchildren might not be able to see it for long.

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