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However, discounting products for members is expensive and it is difficult to exit such a program once it is launched.

Retailer promtion

Running sales promotions creates excitement and urgency for specific products or services. You can run promotions on popular items to increase traffic or to give consumers a reason to try something new and different. Consider several types of sale promotions when finalizing your marketing and sales plan.

Free Gifts Offering a free gift is a simple strategy that gets people in the door. The offer is usually combined with a specific purchase.

Retailer promtion

For example, give away a free blood pressure monitor with the purchase of a new fitness watch. The markup Retailer promtion the purchased item should more than cover the cost of the gift and still generate a net profit for the business. At times, businesses give a gift just to get someone in the door.

These gifts are loss leaders, meaning the business knows it will lose money on them. For example, a gym may offer a free day free trial.

The gym only makes money if the prospect signs up after the free trial. Coupons Coupons give people a discount on a certain product or service. Usually, an expiration date is on the coupon, but it gives enough time for consumers to shop at their convenience.

Free Shipping Free shipping makes online shopping more attractive. Most sales promotions offer free shipping after a minimum purchase is reached.

Limited-Time Offer Limited-time offers move popular or high-ticket items quickly.

Six Trade Promotion Tips Why Less Can Be More

Car dealerships have year-end close-out sales. Electronics retailers offer promotions when they release a new product to generate interest and new product exposure in the market. Even fast food restaurants offer limited-time promotions such as a seasonal pie or drink.

Limited-time offers are designed to get consumers to move quickly before the promotion ends. Bulk Purchase Bulk purchase promotions give consumers a deal for buying more of a product.

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Grocery stores are famous for discounting products that you buy in higher quantities. For example, buy five bags of chips to get 10 percent off. Cellphone providers offer family plans, offering a deal for four phones with service.

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It is possible to run this type of promotion on a sliding scale that gives a bigger discount for more items. For example, buying 1, square feet of flooring might be cheaper per square foot than buying square feet.

The square feet might be cheaper per square foot than buying square feet. The bigger the purchase, the cheaper things become. Sales Promotion About the Author Kimberlee Leonard has been helping businesses for more than 17 years with business planning, team development and sales training.

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Only Option 1 delivered against every objective: growing unit and category sales by %, increasing CPG profit margins by %, boosting retailer profits by % and decreasing trade spending by %.

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