Tug essayons

Access to water resource data.

Tug essayons

Taken by the Signal Officer yesterday for the twenty-four hours ending at 9.

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Rainfall between 3 21 r. An item from military headquarters at San Antonio announces the appoint ment of 2d Lieutenant J. Cranston, of the 10th Infantry, to be Assistant Quartermaster, and that he will be sta- tioned in thiB city.

Gentle reader, run your mind's eye backward for a moment.

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Behold An- drew Jackson standing on the ramparts at. New Orleans, giving Britishers Hail Columbia, and then reflect that yester- day was January 8th, and go and take a drink. Montgomery appeared in the police records yesterday morning as having been cut by Sarah Branch.

The party cut was James M. Mont- gomery, a cotton mover, and not Mr. Montgomery, the attache of one of the banks of this city. The Lampasas Dispatch says that G. The "oldest inhabitants" fail to place him, from which it may be inferred that this city never enjoyed his pre- sence.

At the quarterly meeting of Typo- graphical Union No. Chappell, Vice President; L. Woodward, Financial and Corresponding Secretary; Robt. Beman, Recording Secre- tary; A. Walsh, Executive Committee; T.

Owen, Finance Com- mittee. The stockholders of the Galveston Wharf Company will hold their an- nual meeting to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock, for the purpose of electing a president ard board of directors for the ensuing year.

For the third time since the formation of the company, the president will submit a report of the affairs of the company during his administration, and also make such suggestions as his experience and observations in the past may warrant in the future management of the com- pany.

The mail route agents arc cut in their new uniforms, and make a decidedly official appearance. There are two uni- forms—one for work and the other for dress. The former consists of bluj flannel stiirt and white duck pants.

The front of the latter extends up to the breast bone, in the shape of an apron, and is held in position by straps going over the shoulders and attached to buttons in the rear, a la suspanders. Mail Ser- vice, and a cap; the coat cut double- breasted and in sack style.

The weather permitting—that is the condition precedent—the Assessor of State and County taxes, Capt. Dean, will start out on a cruise to-day for the purpose of renewing old acquaintances and ascertaining how the occupation tax question will be met by them.

They calculate on assessing and collecting oc- cupation taxes enough to make them both veiy happy fcr several days to come. On Saturday nieht some mean fellow stole warrant officer Wilson's horse from the place he had hitched it near the station and gave it a terrible ride.

Wilson was engaged in the ssarch for his animal until 2 o'clock Sunday morning, when it turned up at a livery stable covered with mud and nearly ex- hausted.

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He says that he is a tender- hearted man and never entertained an unkind thought against a fellow coun- tryman, but that had he caught the in- dividual who stole his horse he would have made just one exception to the jule of his life and would have spoken very harshly to him.

For the past two days the weather has been excessively disagreeable. The storm flag has been flying from the mast-head of the signal office, and everybody feels disposed to keep an eye skinned upon the clouds in expectation of a terrible blow.

A reporter called on Mr. He smiled and said that the atmospheric perturbations were beyond his capacity of divination.

Tug essayons

He says that the recent storms have been bound down by none of the fixed principles by which they should proceed in their mission of ter- ror, and for that reason he would not prognosticate further than to say that a pretty heavy rainfall might be ex- pected.

The barometer was Important Meeting — T'lje Silver A News reporter was informed by a banker of this city that the bankers and merchants of this city are engaged in planning a meeting to be held at an early day for the purpose of protesting against the bill now pending ia the Federal Congress to remonetize silver.

He says it is believed by those who have given much study to this question that it will place this govern- ment fully five years behind the age to declare silver a legal tender, and par- ticularly when the powers of the world are opposed to it. It is thought that the passage of the bill would result in whole fleets of ships Seeking to these shores from all quarters of the world and all ladened with silver to supply the demands of the American market, and that should the measure succeed the commerce of this country would be ruined by having to handle a currency thatf is cumbersome and that would re- quire almost as much trouble and ex- pense in transferring it from place to place aa does the varied and bountiful products of theAmerican soil.The Cable Lay Barge HOI-1, the tugs Westrac, Flyer and Reliable and the work boat Bobbie T may be contacted on VHF-FM channels 13, 16 and An anchor system will be placed in approximate position N W off of Pear Point.

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An Environmental Management System (EMS) Primer for Ports: Advancing Port Sustainability jpectorStrategies American Association of Port Authorities Alliance of the Ports of Canada, the Caribbean, latin America and the United States April INTERIM FINAL DRAFT.

Ing of the Tug Essayons, as a memento of the departure. The drawing reads, "Harbor Tug Essayons; Built for the Duluth District in ; Presented to the St. Paul District by Duluth personnel; Comnemorating our affilia— tion from — The Duluth Project Office is being up—.

the District's two hopper dredges, the Essayons and the Yaquina, which are vital to maintaining our navigation projects in the region. Carrubba oversees nearly personnel including licensed and unlicensed ship personnel.

Dredge Essayons Overhaul