United utilities amp6 business plan

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United utilities amp6 business plan

External environment Natural environment Whether it is treating and delivering drinking water for our customers, or returning treated wastewater to rivers and the sea, the natural environment is fundamental to our business.

We continue to invest in the protection and, where appropriate, enhancement of the natural environment of the North West. This in turn brings economic benefits such as underpinning the region's tourist industry.

Preparing for climate change We plan far into the future to ensure we are prepared for the changing natural environment, most notably the risks and opportunities presented by climate change. With severe dry periods becoming increasingly common, we must ensure we continue to have resilient water resources and an infrastructure capable of moving water efficiently around the region.

At other times, we must tackle flooding incidents caused by the intensive bursts of rainfall which are becoming more frequent due to changing weather patterns. The potential effect of climate change on our future water resources is included in our year Water Resource Management Plan.

Preparing for a changing population Additionally, we must ensure we are able to meet increased demand on our sewerage network as the regional population is expected to increase.

united utilities amp6 business plan

A phased, long-term approach ensures that the necessary work can be delivered without placing too much pressure on customer bills. Returning water safely to nature We have a responsibility to return water to the environment safely.

Spills from our united utilities amp6 business plan can lead to pollution which, depending on their severity, can damage the natural environment and potentially lead to loss of reputation and financial penalties.

We have had one of our best years in relation to serious pollution incidents, and it remains an important area of focus.

The Environment Agency assesses water companies' performance across a basket of measures, including pollution, and its overall assessment is included as one of our KPIs.

united utilities amp6 business plan

All of the pollution sub-measures are reported within our Corporate Responsibility pages on our website at: Less than 6 per cent of our waste goes to landfill and our use of recycled products is increasing.

We plan to substantially increase our renewable energy production from to with the main contributor being solar opportunities.

This will provide environmental benefits and add value to shareholders through energy cost savings. Business insight Our road to resilience We face resilience challenges across our business in systems, finance and skills, as well as in customer and stakeholder expectations for a reliable, wholesome water supply and good environmental management.

Resilience is not a new issue for us.

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However, delivering the level of resilience now expected by customers, in light of pressures from a changing climate, growing population, ageing infrastructure and market competition, may lead to some significant redirection of investment, particularly in ensuring the ongoing resilience of key population centres like Manchester and Liverpool.

We have been at the forefront of managing record-breaking extremes of weather over the last few years. This has actively tested our resilience and our response and recovery capabilities. Given the scale of the flood events in Decemberthe fact that relatively few customers suffered interruptions to their water supply highlights an underlying level of resilience.

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But there is still room for improvement. The Lancashire water quality incident we experienced during tested our ability to respond to such a large scale event, and regrettably, it had a significant impact on a large number of customers over a prolonged period. We learnt a great deal from our experiences and have already made significant progress in enhancing our resilience.

We are following a risk-based approach to better understand our overall risk and prioritise actions to reduce it further. Natural Hazards and Infrastructure' which advocates consideration of the 4Rs to address system resilience risks: Redundancy and resistance are generally seen as being the most effective at removing risk but tend to be at the highest cost.

A risk-based approach allows all mitigating actions to be assessed on a like-for-like basis. Every intervention cost can be compared to the risk benefit ensuring that interventions can be prioritised and tested for value for money.

Other activities underway include: Through the rest of this regulatory period, and into the next, we will continue to develop our understanding of the risks and take further action to control them where appropriate, including:View Simon Cain’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

a key component of Network Rail’s Strategic Business Plan, submitted to the Regulator to secure funding Title: Asset Management Professional. Electricity North West, which is owned in part by the asset management arm of JPMorgan Chase & Co, has hired advisers to conduct a strategic review and plan a 2 billion pound ($ billion) sale.

Our Plan to Over to , we invited you to Discover, Discuss and help Decide the best possible future for your local water and water recycling services. Over to , we’ll spend almost £5 billion on running the business, protecting communities from extremes of weather including flooding and helping to underpin.

United Utilities' total forecast contribution to the regional economy over –20 is estimated at £9 billion. Direct economic contributions from our activities include the purchase of goods and services and providing extensive employment.

which were already built into our business plan assumptions. Technological external environment. Anglian Water has announced the next set of framework partners who will deliver contracts worth around £ million between and , during AMP6.

been developed to ensure we select organisations that share our vision and are committed to the same outcomes as our AMP6 business plan, which was created collaboratively with thousands of.

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Improving our bathing waters An action plan to improve bathing waters across the Fylde Peninsula. 3. should help provide the appropriate business case for Ofwat’s approval of funding to support delivery of a Review the United Utilities AMP6 investment.

Jacobs awarded contract with United Utilities - Pump Engineer